Six Months On

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Today marks six months since we started this blog. To date, we have made 59 posts and have received over 54,000 page views from nearly 16,000 people.

Your response has been most gratifying, but none more so than the following comment:

I would just like to say that your willingness to post these various pix (and challenging your readers to ID the locations/info) is Great! Aside from being interesting and informative, it forces those of us who (like to think we know what we are talking about) to “put up or shut up!” It is interesting that even when two or more people ID the same pic that one of them notices some otherwise undetectable (or unnoticed) detail that others missed — THAT is often the real treasure! (Example being the discussion as to the vacant land west of the PRR trks at 79th was in preparation of construction of the Skyway. The later-revealed documentation (from Dennis McClendan?) was priceless.)

Thank you again.

Bill Shapotkin

We will do our best to keep up the good work. This website is for the benefit of all railfans, everywhere. We have many great things planned for the future.

-The Editor

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Thank you for your time and consideration.

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